IMG_4047The August Retreat at the beautiful Clifton House B&B was so incredibly insightful, peaceful, and a great way to connect with other women in a stunning urban setting. We were so pleased with how even in the middle of the city, it felt like we were on a mini-vacation! A huge “thank you” to Nancy, owner of the House, for all you did for us!

Thank you to our speakers:

Barbara Turner –  for sharing your personal story and helping us to believe in the power of ourselves and what we are truly capable of achieving, and for the thoughtful gift. We hope that you will join us again in the very near future to share your wisdom with more women!

Brian Meyers –  for helping us to tap into our intuition, guiding us through a meditation that ended with happiness, and helping us to understand that the process is not a “one-fits-all” approach.

Lydell Carter – for helping to empower us in not only making better, more focused financial decisions, but for helping us to see the power of our actions when it comes to our money.

Our biggest thanks go to the WOMEN who took the time to invest in themselves for the weekend. We often say that the best part are the relationships that stem from these retreats but what we learn for ourselves, sometimes of which we share with others and sometimes not and just taking it in, allowing the process to unfold internally, is priceless. Our truest hope is that each retreat helps its attendees to grow in the way the she wants and needs to.

Thank you to all those who supported us for our first year in this incredible journey called Uplift & Ignite! We are truly grateful for everything, and everyone, that we have been blessed to experience in this past year. We are so excited for 2018!

Love ~ Joy & Kim




The April Empowerment Retreat was an amazing experience! Not only were the presenters a whole lot of fun, and the country setting venue was so relaxing, but our Concierge & Cook, Josie & Jo of Jo & Jo’s Events, were the BEST! If you need some event management services, we recommend Jo & Josie and they can be reached at 859-380-5032.

Thank you to all for making it such a delightful experience for all in attendance! 

Now, its time for some urban fun! Uplift & Ignite is hosting its August Retreat at the beautiful Clifton House B&B in Cincinnati. We have a line-up of extraordinary speakers and will have a surprise reveal at the wrap up on Sunday morning! We hope you can join us, as we can’t wait for you to experience a little bit of urban luxury, learning, and good-old girlfriend time!

Retreat 3: “How Do You Like Your Eggs?” pricing, schedule and presenters’ bios.



The February 2017 Retreat 1 was a hit! The ladies enjoyed presentations by experts in the fields of fitness, nutrition, sexual health, Mastership, Restorative Yoga, PLUS a cooking demo for dinner, lots of healthy food and conversation, and of  course, no retreat would be complete without a few samples of spirits for the evening! They walked away with real-life tools, new friendships, and lots of goodies in their “goody box.” Come join us for the next retreat, centered on the topic of Empowerment.

Here is more information…

Retreat 2: Empowerment

April 8-9, 2017


gcb3zxkowmw5bcga4udx7wygUplift & Ignite retreats are offered in a sequential manner to help you live your best life. Retreat 1 is to get you started in the right direction with professionals presenting on Nutrition, Fitness, Sexual Health, Restorative Yoga, and the beginnings of Mastership of one’s own self. Set on the beautiful banks of the Ohio River in California, KY, this location was chosen for its ability to not only accommodate the learning sessions, but also to allow for overnight retreats to take place in one, affordable location. 

If 2017 is your year to connect with, and help support, other women while learning new things and having lots of fun, then contact us today to get registered for…

Retreat 1: Be Your Best Self! 

February 11-12, 2017

Love~ Joy & Kim

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