The Founders

Kimberly Darpel

kims-profile-picA lifelong learner, lover of adventures and life! Kimberly is married to her soulmate, Jeff, and shares a life with him and her two bonus-daughters: Kaitlin and Courtney.

Kimberly started on her journey to “Now” early in life.  She suffered Child Sexual Abuse at a young age by an uncle.  She healed from this abuse, over many years, with the love and support of her parents, sister, family and friends. This healing process cultivated great self-discovery and life lessons including: forgiveness, compassion and self-love.  She never allowed this experience to define her, rather, she used it as a platform to help others.  Kimberly volunteers for a rape and abuse crisis organization and speaks publicly on her experience to bring awareness and education to the public.

While this experience started Kimberly’s journey to self-discovery, it’s certainly not what has defined her.  She has a successful career in the financial services industry, is a soon-to-be graduate from Thomas More College and will receive her Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Certification this fall. Kimberly is also a volunteer for the American Cancer Society’s PAN Ohio Hope Ride.  A bicycle ride her husband participates in annually to raise money for cancer research.

While Kimberly is involved in many things, she still feels a calling to help women in a bigger way.  She knows that so many of us push down our pain to protect those around us and to avoid life disappointments.  She understands that many of us sacrifice our “true self” in order to avoid disruption in our lives.  Kimberly’s desire is to stimulate a higher consciousness in those around her that ultimately creates happier and healthier lives.  She knows that Uplift and Ignite will give her the platform to reach as many women as possible.  Ultimately, her philosophy is we are all on a path of Mastership towards Self.  It takes a village of love and support to get to the top of the mountain.

Joy Leonard

DSC_5149Coming from a broken family, her teens and early twenties were filled with rebellion and self destruction. At around the age of 25, Joy began to listen to her heart and follow her dreams and was succeeding at making some really good educational and professional choices. However, feelings of unworthiness never left her and she often failed at making the best choices for herself on a personal level. Finally, in her early-thirties, Joy began a radical change journey and by her mid-thirties she had begun the painful process of stepping away from items, people and situations that brought only sadness, and instead, began to find those people and things that “Uplifted” her. She is only now beginning to reveal her story on a public level.

The lessons she has learned from her life journey has inspired her to do amazing work of helping others, from all different  backgrounds and across many platforms, most especially the humbling work of meeting and listening to those brave enough to share their story with her. Her biggest wish… that all can speak their truth and stand proudly afterwards, and that all who listen will celebrate that bravery.

Today, Joy loves working towards her life goals with the focus on what brings her true happiness, soul-deep connection with others, and promotes the utilization of her strongest desire – uplifting others. She most especially wants to be an igniter of change for those who suffer from abuse. As a lover of the outdoors, she finds many healing moments while on the trail, or in her kayak, and began her dream of hiking the Appalachian Trail in October of 2016  and will continue the journey this coming October. She has most recently begun learning about Functional Medicine as a healing agent in her spiritual awakening. With her goal of turning a healthy, vibrant 40 year old woman now less than a year away, she strives everyday to balance living life to the fullest with caring for her body, mind and soul for her future.

Joy’s life goal: to live to be 100+ – because life it truly amazing!